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CWD - 2Gs semi-deep seat

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2Gs® Saddle.
New design, new performances.

CWD's R&D department has worked hard to redesign the 2Gs®, jewel of the Dynamick® range.

It took a whole year to redesign and improve it. The result: a more responsive 2Gs® saddle with closer contact and improved comfort for both the horse and rider.  A more refined and aesthetic line.


Dynamick® saddle tree for a saddle with boundless possibilities

The 2Gs® combines new technologies and new materials, reflecting our obsession with sport that defines your expectations so well. Its carbon Kevlar Dynamick® saddle tree forms a backbone optimising the flexible and rigid parts of the saddle which are all integrated in a non-structural component.

Every element of assembly (stirrup bars, seat, etc.) is directly inserted into the composite frame for closer contact between the rider and his horse.





New elements and technical differences

Panel screws are now integrated to improve saddle fit.

The carbon reinforcement has a new look with 3D curves emphasising stirrup leather keepers and the location of the rear stop.

The carbon reinforcement is fixed to the tree with leather for more flexibility in the flap and easy girthing.

New integrated stirrup leather keepers to avoid extra thickness, lined with coloured leather.

Cantle guard screws have been concealed with coloured piping.


Sensations, style, and solutions are still there


  • Integrated panels for unparalleled close contact.
  • Gel seat targeting specific areas for improved rider comfort. Ergonomics and greater design precision guaranteed.
  • Use of an integrated carbon seat puts the rider's centre of gravity 1.5 cm closer to the horse.


  • Pro-active flap reinforcements for optimum leg support.
  • Carbon cantle-guard to avoid premature use.
  • Carbon stirrup bars that are 10 times lighter and 4 times more resistant than conventional bars.


  • Dynamic saddle tree which adapts to the horse's morphology.
  • Pre-formed flaps.
  • Stirrup leather keepers positioned lower to reduce thickness under the skirt.
  • The saddle is dynamic when the horse and rider are working.




Free Returns & Exchanges

We know you'll love them, but if they don't fit perfectly, return or exchange your items within 30 days


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